Art. 1407-1403-1006-1415


The caption of each photo includes the item number, description and size of the represented version.

Art. 1407
Article description: Sedia/Chair
Finitura: A07
H.: 98.5
L.: 45
P.: 44
Tessuto: Ecopelle/Eco-leather 161

Art. 1403
Article description: Tavolo fisso/Table
Finitura: A07
H.: 78
L.: 140
P.: 140

Art. 1006
Article description: Vetrina/Showcase
Finitura: A07
H.: 160
L.: 150
P.: 40

Art. 1415
Article description: Tavolino/Little table
Finitura: A07
H.: 32
L.: 100
P.: 50

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